Past commissions

This page shows my past commissions – work and art specially made for specific projects (under exclusive license). All sold none exclusive licenses of existing works aren’t listed here.

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Client (Lable)WhatWhenArtWhere
Bad Taste Recordings
Current Value - Force Black EP (BT042DD)01.05.2015Force blackBuy the release
Zombie Cats - Zombots EP (BT045DD)11.12.2015ZombotsBuy the release
Agressor Bunx - Total Destroy19.02.2016Not released.Buy the release
Othercide Records
Katharsys - Metallicity LP13.02.2017Against the dissidentsBuy the release
Current Value - Rethink EP14.11.2016RethinkBuy the release
Sinister Souls - My Soul Is Sinister EP 10.10.2016CosmosBuy the release
Freqax - Meant To Believe LP20.06.2016SpaceBuy the release
Machine Code - Projection EP27.05.2016ProjectionBuy the release
Brainpain - The Prophecy29.02.2016KoduBuy the release
Blackout Record Label
Current Value - Starfleet (BLCKTNL041)10.03.2017BlueBuy the release
Current Value - Nitro EP (BLCKTNL015)15.02.2015iRONBuy the release
Mindscape - Phantoms EP (BLCKTNL020)30.08.2015A Hundred Miles OffBuy the release
Current Value - Rocket Science EP (BLCKTNL021)25.09.2015RocketBuy the release
Nekrolog1k recordings
NLG1K007 – Altered perception (NLG1K007)2015VisionsBuy the release
Seminar1st – The Agnost1k Era (AGNCD001)2015Long-haired silver starBuy the release
New Dawn recordings
Arkana - Vita | Mortis2015The FallBuy the release


Kaye Wagner
"Archetypal" - Guy Faux Books and Joe MacKinnon (15.01.2017)The FirstGet book here
"Legendary Detective Where the World Begins" (Book 1) (13.11.2013)LegendaryGet book here
"Legendary Detective in the City of Kings" (Book 2) (18.12.2013)High End GateGet book here
"Legendary Detective Where the World Begins" (Book 3) (31.01.2014)After fallGet book here
Tõnis Hallaste and Artur Räpp
"Tuumahiid 2. Toorium" (01.03.2015)CyrstalGet book here


Hello Games
No Man's Sky09.08.2016No Man's Sky


Website background and upcoming anniversary release/album/cd cover.14.08.2014Never Quiet
Vabariigi Presidendi Kantselei
Christmas card for president of Estonia.13.12.2013Christmas card for president of Estonia