About me


Welcome. My name is Kuldar Leement. I am currently old (If I were a dog, my age in human years would be ), I am self-educated concept artist and I work and live in Estonia. I like cyberpunk and beer. Estimated time left to live:


Facebook fan page: Visual artist Kuldar Leement
ArtFlakes: Kuldar Leement
Society6: Kuldar
Redbubble: Kuldarle
DeviantArt User: KuldarLeement
Graphicriver User: KuldarLeement
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Luminarium Art Collective – online
“Illuminate VII” (4.10. 2016)
“Organics” (17.11.2015)
“Silver” (26.01.2015)
“Illuminate VI”(05.10.2014)
“Illuminate V”(20.11.2013)
“Illuminate IV”– featured artist (27.02.2012)
Cosmosys Art Collective – online
“Home” (14.12.2015)
“Alpha & Omega” (29.11.2015)
“Aisthetikos” (04.11.2014)
Exhibits in Estonia
Exhibit “Kuldarpunk v.1” in Tartu Kunstimaja (Tartu)
Näituse toetajad
(11.02.2016 – 01.03.2016)
Exhibit “Kuldarpunk BETA” in Naiiv (Tartu)(21.02.2015 – 01.04.2015)
Exhibit “I saw a dream 2″ in Lokaal Pirogov (Tartu)(14.09.2012 – 14.10.2012)
Exhibit “I saw a dream” in Tasku (Tartu) (23.08.2012 – 11.09.2012)
Tartu Art School exhibit in Tartu Oblique House (Tartu)(08.07.2011 – 09.10.2011)
Desktopography.net – online
My work “Neo Genesis 2.0”(2016)
My work “Neo Genesis”(2015)
My work “Solar Circles”(2013)
Aurora – online - Collaboration project between The Luminarium and Cosmosys.
My work “Arise”, "Aurora","Out of time" and "The Untold Way"(29.09.2017)


One of the winners of "Into the Pixel" 2016(07.06.2016)
Got Golden egg in Illustration category at Kuldmuna 2014(07.03.2014)
Got medallion for excellence on EuroSkills 2012(08.10.2012)
Winner of the contest "At the End of Time"(10.01.2011)
First place on "Young Champion 2011"(02.12.2011)
Winner of the EstClub photo manipulation contest(27.11.2010)
Third place on EENET digital painting contest(28.11.2008)


2008-2012Tartu Art School - specialty: Graphic design
2007-2008Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion and Tallinn Logistic Infantry - rank: Junior Sergeant
2004-2007Kehtna Economy and Technology School - specialty: General building
2001-2004Kabala Elementary School
1995-2001Villevere Grade School


2012-.........Tabasco Ad Agency - specialty: Graphic design
2011-.........Teacher and Replacement Teacher in Tartu Art School (occasionally) - specialty: Graphic design
2008-.........Freelance since forever (occasionally) - specialty: Graphic design

Skills and knowledge.

Graphic DesignOfficeArchitecture and 3DWeb
Adobe PhotoshopMicrosoft Office WordAuto CAD 2006-2010HTML 5
Adobe IllustratorMicrosoft Office ExelCaesarCSS3
Adobe InDesignMicrosoft Office PowerpointTerragen 2jQuery
Adobe FlashBlenderPHP
Paint MSMandelbulb 3D

Honors, awards and things I’m happy about

2014Got published on local newspaper - project "Kuldarpunk"See article here.(November 11)
Cover for Clarkesworld Magazine #98"Homecoming" as a cover art for Clarkesworld November issue 98. I gave a small interview too.(November 5)
ImagineFX December issue 115 "Artist of the month"Got featured on ImagineFX December issue 115.(October 20)
Featured on DrawCrowd Fame of WallMy work "South border" was featured on DrawCrowd Fame of Wall.(August 7)
Featured on Abduzeedo inspiration blogMy works are featured on Abduzeedo inspiration blog.(January 1)
Got "Golden egg" in illustration category at Estonian national advertising festival Kuldmuna 2014My Illustration "President Christmas card" owned this one.(March 7)
2013"Ghosts Behind Us" article in Me-MagazineSee article here.(February 10)
Featured in Telikos Protocol volume!Works: Culprit by me and Railguns which was made together with Smiling Demon.(April 30)
My fourth daily deviation!!! "Pixelated birds"Suggested by *Alteya and Featured by ^alltheoriginalnames.(May 9)
I was invited to creative community called "Cosmosys"Seems a nice community, but their website is a bit broken (but they are building a new one). Get more info about this community: http://www.cosmosys.net/about/.(June 1)
First place at local bottle cap throwing contest Hmm, maybe I can go pro now.(June 24)
Featured on French blog Design SpartanRead more here.(September 9)
Featured on Russian magazine Naked ScienceSee this article here.(September 26)
My fifth daily deviation!!! "Legendary"Suggested by KatrineP and Featured by Moonbeam13. Work can be found here.(November 23)
2012I love you so much Katrin!!!I tried to surprise her with wall posts, which says "Kuldar is loving you!". I asked 110 people to write on her wall . Of course not so many people did that, but i hope Katrin will remember this day forever :D.(February 27)
I love you so much Katrin!!!I sent seven roses to Katrin. I love her very much!(April 10)
My third daily deviation: "Giants graveyard"Suggested by *QAuZ and Featured by ^alltheoriginalnames.(September 25)
2011The Luminarium - "L"I became one of The Luminarium artists. I'm so proud! Maybe I'm not so excited as i was then - but i hang on.(January 25)
Interview with EstClubMy first one - wiiiiii ! Interview can be found here.(March 27)
My second Daily Deviation Galaxy News Radio Antenna - suggested by TixoL and featured by Voyager212. Many thanks again !(April 04)
Third place at local drinking contestI got third place at local "Villevere kõri 2011" drinking contest 😀 lolz.(June 23)
Girlfriend (YES!)The captain has the left doomed ship..(June 27)
2010My first Daily DeviationAlphabet All Letters - featured by pica-ae.(March 27)
Created a fan pageCan be found : here.(November 10)
2009Created my DeviantArt accountAnd so it began.(March 03)
I started my websiteCurrent version is like 1000000 or something.(December 01 02:59)
2008I went to study in Tartu Art School (4 years) - Graphic designerOo god, maybe one day i will be somebody...(August 20)